634 Benetook Ave

Mildura, VIC, 3500

(03) 5022 2455

After Hours: 0455 855 400



The Clinic's History

In 1985 Dr William Sutherland opened this clinic in Benetook Avenue on the outskirts of town. There was no specific suburb or place, where the clinic was built, so the clinic took its name from the street that it is on, Benetook Avenue.

The initial clinic was established in part of an old farm house on a vineyard, that grew sultanas for the dried fruit market of Mildura. The income from this vineyard helped finance the renovation and setting up of the clinic.

In 1988 a small purpose built veterinary clinic was built and quickly moved to three veterinary surgeons and multiple veterinary nurses. Branch practices were soon created in Robinvale and Redcliffs, with the Robinvale Veterinary Clinic still in operation as the only veterinary clinic in the community of Robinvale.

The building could not cope with the continued expansion of work at the clinic, and in 2011 a major expansion and renovation to create the extremely large and beautiful clinic we have today took place.

Fast forward to January 2021 and Dr William Sutherland decided that it was time to retire after opening and working at the clinic for the last 36 years. The clinic is now under the new management of Dr Ealasaid Manson and Veterinary Nurses Emily Bamford and Ashleigh Bell, who have all been apart of the practice since 2012.

We hope that your experience when visiting our clinic is an enjoyable one, and together with our amazing team of veterinarians and veterinary nurses we look forward to providing your pet with the very best professional care now and into the future because, as we all know, “pets are family”.