634 Benetook Ave

Mildura, VIC, 3500

(03) 5022 2455

After Hours: 0455 855 400



Large Animals

Large Animals

Situated on acreage on the outskirts of town, the Benetook Veterinary Clinic boasts the only facility for the medical and surgical treatment of horses on site within 200kms. Horses can be hospitalised in stables, yards or irrigated paddocks. 

Our Facilities

  • A large equine shed with a purpose built crush for patient and staff safety
  • Horse scales
  • There is a padded anaesthetic knock down and recovery room¬†
  • A gantry with crane or winch that can move horses to the equine operating table
  • Portable x-ray machine
  • Portable ultrasound with colour doppler
  • Under cover stables for intensive care cases, foal care or inclement weather
  • Yards for horses pre and post surgery, and for cases requiring ongoing medical treatment
  • Flood lighting for night time observation
  • Shade trees and permanent town water supply

Routine Procedures

  • Consultations and health checks
  • Vaccinations including Tetanus Strangles and Hendra Virus
  • Microchipping of pleasure horses and Stud Book Thoroughbreds
  • Dental examinations and treatments with Power Float as necessary
  • Nutritional advice and internal and external parasite control
  • Health checks for insurance
  • Lameness exams


  • Geldings under general anaesthetic
  • Wounds and emergency trauma surgery
  • Soft tissue surgery such as lump removals and biopsies
  • Power floating
  • Ophthalmic procedures such as third eyelid flaps, enucleation


  • In House laboratory equipment available for Haematology, Biochemistry and equine profiles
  • Microscopic exam- cytology, blood smears, gram and diff quick stains, FNA, fluid analysis

Radiology and Imaging

  • Digital CR radiology, soft tissue and orthopaedic x-rays
  • Ultrasound with colour doppler for pregnancy diagnosis, follicle scanning, tendon injuries
  • Endoscopy with flexible scope

Medicine and Emergencies

  • Colic cases- medical treatment with analgesia, intravenous fluid therapy and appropriate drenching, hospitalisation
  • Traumatic injuries and lacerations, bandaging and casting
  • Laminitis and Cushings Disease diagnosis treatment and monitoring
  • Reproduction- cycling mares for chilled semen AI, twin reduction

Referral to Specialists for

  • Specialised medical diagnosis and imaging, scintigraphy and CT
  • Specialist orthopaedic surgery, arthroscopies, colic surgery, tendon surgery, stem cell treatments, tie-back surgery
  • Specialist laboratory diagnosis- histopathology, cancer diagnosis


  • Individual yards, stables and irrigated paddocks


  • Home visit euthanasia available