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Wildlife and Exotics

Exotics Wildlife and Others
The Benetook Veterinary Clinic is a true mixed practice with a vast variety of species seen. Some wax and wane in numbers through the cycle of popularity, others are emerging industries.
-    Bee Keeping
-    Aquaculture - Murray Cod, Perch and Barramundi
-    Worm Farms
Pocket Pets
-    Guinea pigs, rats, mice
-    Rabbits
-    Ferrets, though perhaps not a pocket pet
-    Snakes, lizards, bearded dragons, goannas, terrapins, and Murray Long Necked Turtles
Production birds
-    Poultry, ostriches and emus
-    Native birds of all varieties, such as parrots, owls, birds of prey, frogmouths
-    Kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, bilbies, micro bats, possums
Large animal species
-    Cattle, sheep, goats, milking and feral, alpacas, donkeys, deer, camels
-    There are no cattle dairy farms in our area
Visiting Circus Animals
-    Parks
-    Sanctuaries

Our work with this great variety of animals is species specific. Smaller species come to our hospital for disease investigation and surgery. Larger species require on farm visits and surgery. All of the diagnostic tools and equipment that we use with dogs, cats and horses are shared with all our other animals. Desexing of pocket pets is our most common surgical intervention. Rearing of orphan kangaroos, the mothers having been killed on the roads, is frequent. Pelicans enjoy fish hooks and sinkers. Worming and parasite control is necessary in most species, and dental disease from malocclusion in rabbits often requires ongoing maintenance. The list is endless.

Wildlife work is generally pro bono, and we work closely with the Sunraysia Wildlife Carers Group for rehabilitation and release.