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Small Animal

Small Animal
The Benetook Veterinary Clinic is a large and modern facility, designed to allow for a vast number and range of diagnostic and surgical procedures to occur at one time. A large number of veterinarians and nursing staff are available to care for your pet, and we have a 24 hour emergency service available every day of the year.

Routine Procedures - Dogs and Cats
-    Consultations, Heath Checks, vaccinations and microchipping
-    Dental examinations and dental hygiene programs
-    Nutritional advice including specific weight loss programs
-    Internal and external parasite control - fleas, ticks, lice, mites and all sorts of worms
-    Grooming and hydro-bathing
-    Puppy School and Puppy Parties
-    Mildura Rural City Council Shelter rehoming program at discounted prices - dogs and cats
-    Routine desexings
-    Cancer Surgery, Soft Tissue Surgery, lump removals and biopsies, lateral ear resection
-    Emergency Trauma Surgery
-    Orthopaedic Surgery including fracture repair, cruciate surgery (TTA), patella surgery
-    Cardiac Surgery - pericardiectomies, pericardial and thoracic effusions
-    Gastrointestinal Surgery including GDV, intestinal resections and anastomoses, foreign body removal, diaphragmatic hernia repair
-    Urogenital and Reproductive Surgeries including caesarians, cystotomies and calculi removal, cystopexy, bladder rupture, urethrostomies
-    Dental Suite for routine scale and clean and polish, and dental extractions
-    In House full compliment of laboratory equipment
-    Haematology, Biochemistry, hormone assays, heartworm, parvovirus, PT, APTT
-    Diabetic monitoring, pre-anaesthetic blood screens, diagnostic profiles, monitoring geriatrics
-    Microscopic Examination - Cytology, blood smears, gram and diff quick stains, fluid analysis
-    Post Mortems
Radiology and Imaging
-    Digital CR radiology, soft tissue and orthopaedic x-rays
-    Ultrasound with colour doppler, echocardiography, pregnancy diagnosis, abdominal imaging
-    LED Endoscopy with flexible and rigid scopes for small animal work
Medicine and Emergencies
-    Chemotherapy
-    Acupuncture
-    Blood Transfusions and fluid therapy
-    Traumatic injuries such as motor vehicle accidents, gun shot injuries, snake bites, poisonings
Patient Monitoring
-    Anaesthetic monitoring with pulse oximetry, capnograph, blood pressure and ECG
-    Anaesthetic nurses monitor and assist with all surgeries
-    Multiple infusion pumps for fluid therapy
Referral to Specialists for
-    Specialised medical diagnosis and imaging, MRI, CT
-    Specialist spinal and orthopaedic surgery, ophthalmic surgery, cataracts, lens replacements
-    Specialist laboratory diagnosis - histopathology, cancer diagnosis
-    Separate dog and cat wards, inside and outside runs, outside exercise paddock for dogs
-    Intensive care and post anaesthetic monitoring cages in Prep Room
-    Large isolation ward for infectious disease cases
Euthanasia and Pet Cremation
-    Home visit euthanasia available