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Appointments: Do I have to make an appointment? Yes.
All consultations are by appointment. Appointments are made by phone 03 5022 2455 or in person
at reception. The scheduling of appointments allows for the timely consultation for your pet,
hopefully avoiding significant delays. Pick up after surgery will also be scheduled at a particular
Even in an emergency, we need to know you are on your way. Please phone. This allows for staff
to be ready for you, assist you to get your pet into our building without delay, and have life saving
measures set up, such as fluids and oxygen or snake anti-venom. An operating theatre can be
made ready for your pet, and elective surgery can be delayed so we can operate on an
emergency. None of this can be done if we have no knowledge that you are coming.

After Hours: We have a 24 hours emergency service available every day of the year. Our
emergency number is 0455 855 400. If we do not have an emergency, we will not be at the clinic,
unless for example, we are checking a hospitalised animal, or conducting an after hours surgery.
We may be at an emergency on a farm. Please phone before you leave, so we can meet you at
the clinic immediately, or inform you if we may be delayed.

Location: At 634 Benetook Avenue, the Benetook Veterinary Clinic is located on 2 hectares (5
acres) of land between Fourteenth and Fifteenth Streets Mildura. Benetook Avenue is the major
by-pass road in Mildura. The nearest public transport (bus) is located about 800m away on
Fifteenth Street

Payment: Payment is required at time of consultation or when a pet goes home from surgery. We
accept Visa, MasterCard, Cash and Cheque.
Only on rare occasions will an account be granted. Accounts create a significant increase in costs
to the clinic. New clients are not able to create an account. Accounts are not available for elective
procedures, such as desexings, vaccinations and microchipping.
Rules exist relating to the creation of an account. Only certain staff can authorise an account, and
an account facility may not be granted. A repayment schedule will be created, and if not adhered
to, the account facility will be permanently withdrawn. Rules exist as to who may use the account.

Grooming: The Benetook Veterinary Clinic offers a grooming and hydro-bath service on site
through Mildura Designer Dogs. Appointments can be made through Reception on 03 5022 2455.
All animals for grooming are required to be up to date with their vaccinations.

Puppy School and Parties: Classes for the youngsters are now available. There is an
acclimatisation Party, then four classes one week apart. Puppies from 8 - 18 weeks of age are
accepted, and a current vaccination certificate needs to be produced. The Puppy School and
Parties are run by our team of Nurses and Veterinarians at 6:30pm Tuesdays and are located in
our large waiting room reception area. Each class (max 8 pups) is scheduled for one hour but may
go slightly over at times. Contact Reception on 03 5022 2455 for pricing and to book your place.
Children encouraged to attend.

Hospitalisation and Boarding: The Benetook Veterinary Clinic has a large number of cages,
indoor and outdoor runs, and paddocks. They are used for the hospitalisation of animals under our
care for medical treatment and surgery. We are not a boarding facility. By arrangement, pets can
be left with us on a temporary basis, usually at no cost, if you live a long distance from the clinic
and need a pet free time while shopping, or if the day is hot.

Vaccination: Vaccinations start from 6 - 8 weeks of age, and a vaccination course is required to
protect your pet. Usually annual booster vaccinations are required. To ensure the safety of all
patients, vaccinations are required to be up to date for hospitalised patients, for example, animals
admitted for desexing.

Desexing: Dogs and cats are usually desexed at about 6 months of age. Earlier desexings are
often done when a Shelter animal is re-homed, and large breed dogs may be done when older.
Ring Reception on 03 5022 2455 for specific advice for your pet. We will usually delay desexing if
your female dog is in season.

Microchipping: Microchipping is required when you register your pet with Council. And registering
your pet with Council is compulsory and a component of Council By-laws. Microchipping at the
Benetook Veterinary Clinic includes lifetime registration of the details of both the pet, and the
owner. Details are registered on a National Database. Please ensure you keep these details up to
date, so that you increase the chance of your pet being returned to you. We are able to help you
with all aspects of microchipping, including transfer of ownership, and confirming the microchip
status of an animal. Horses get microchipped also, and all horses having a Hendra Virus vaccine
are required to be microchipped.

Surgery: We advise that the normal evening feed can be given the day before elective surgery for
your dog and cat. Water can be left with your pet until it comes to our clinic for surgery the
following day. Most animals are admitted between 8:30am and 9:30am for surgery, and if the
surgery is a day procedure, a scheduled pick up time is usually made between 4:00pm and
We do not advise the routine fasting of horses prior to elective surgery. Horses are often left for the
day in our paddocks for elective surgery, radiology, endoscopy and ultrasound examinations.

Medication repeats: Monitoring your pet’s health is important. If you require more medication
please call our nursing staff to see if a revisit has been requested by your veterinarian. If no revisit
or consultation is necessary, the medication can be made up for you, and ready to collect at our
front desk.

Security: Video surveillance, motion sensors and alarms are used for security at the Benetook
Veterinary Clinic.