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Benetook Veterinary Clinic & Animal Hospital

634 Benetook Avenue, Mildura VIC 3500

In 1985 Dr William Sutherland opened this clinic in Benetook Avenue on the outskirts of town. It is on a major by-pass road.

There was no specific suburb or place, where the clinic is built, so the clinic took its name from the street name, Benetook Avenue. There is an historic small location of Benetook from the soldier settler era, in the wheat growing area to the west of Mildura, with a small school and a railway siding, long gone. It was at the western end of Benetook Avenue, a road that runs some 20 kms. That location was named from the aboriginal language of the district, and means small shrubs, many of which grow in the low rainfall Mallee.

The initial clinic was established in part of an old farm house on a vineyard, that grew sultanas for the dried fruit market of Mildura. The income from this vineyard helped finance the renovation of the farmhouse and the setting up of the clinic.

“There being two established multi-vet veterinary clinics in Mildura, I felt an enthusiastic single vet clinic could survive.” Dr Bill Sutherland. Survive it did, and in 1988, a small purpose built veterinary clinic was built and quickly moved to three veterinary surgeons and multiple veterinary nurses.

Branch practices were created in Robinvale and Red Cliffs, with the Robinvale Veterinary still in operation as the only veterinary clinic in the community of Robinvale. The Robinvale Veterinary Clinic is a day surgery and consultation service. Animals requiring intensive care, specialist surgery or overnight hospitalisation need to be taken to our clinic in Mildura.

But that building could not cope with the continued expansion of the work of the clinic, and in 2011 a major expansion and renovation to create the extremely large and beautiful clinic we have today.

Facilities now are in place for the housing of horses under our care with 10 horse paddocks, an equine shed with stables and padded surgery knock down and recovery area. This is the only on site veterinary facility within 400 kms of Mildura for the surgical treatment of horses. We still refer major surgeries, such as colic and orthopaedic surgery to specialist equine facilities.

I hope you enjoy the experience of visiting our clinic with your pet, horse or production animal. Now with nine veterinarians, and over 20 staff members, including veterinary nurses, a full time cleaner and a Practice Manager, we look to provide the timely and professional care expected of a high quality, well equipped veterinary facility.

For those pets and animals not familiar with weekends and nights, we offer a 24 hour emergency service every day of the year, for those untimely illnesses and accidents.