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Welcome to the Benetook Veterinary Clinic and Animal Hospital

The Benetook Veterinary Clinic was established in 1985, as a small single vet practice servicing Mildura and the surrounding areas. It has always been a very busy practice with a high medical and surgical caseload, in both large and small animals. It continues in the same local ownership.

With the principle of providing ever improving, timely, high quality veterinary care, the clinic has continued to expand with an increase in the number of staff and the size of our building footprint. We now have six dedicated small animal consulting rooms and three surgical suites. There is a full service laboratory on site and both small and large animal imaging services of x-ray and ultrasound to help with the diagnostic work up of difficult cases. Six anaesthetic machines with patient monitoring allows for multiple urgent surgical cases to be dealt with quickly.

Our large animal facility has ten irrigated holding paddocks in addition to undercover stabling, and medical and surgical facilities in our large equine shed. Equine reproductive work is carried out here in a safe equine crush.

We now have a large and beautiful veterinary clinic.

It is set on acreage on the outskirts of Mildura, allowing us to have both large and small animals on site. Nine veterinarians and a greater number of nurses and support staff provide a passionate and professional service for your pets and production animals. This may be just advice over the phone, or with the full veterinary work up of complicated medical and surgical cases.

This website is here to introduce you to our clinic, our facility and staff, with some history of the clinic and of Mildura and the surrounding areas, and the veterinary work that can be done at our clinic.

It is the resource to provide that first contact point for a phone call for an appointment, or professional advice. It is used also when you need to contact us for a veterinary emergency 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Veterinarians and veterinary nurses are rostered to provide this care for your pet, your horse or your production animal.

We look forward to providing you and your family with an excellent veterinary service for animals under your care, or for injured wildlife that you may come across.

Robinvale Veterinary Clinic Contact

Robinvale Veterinary Clinic

The Robinvale Veterinary Clinic is a branch practice of the Benetook Veterinary Clinic.

Opening Hours:
Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30am - 1:00pm

Phone: 03 5026 1984
for an appointment or veterinary advice.

Appointments can also be made by phoning the Benetook Veterinary Clinic
03 5022 2455

If the Robinvale Veterinary Clinic is closed, please utilise the services offered at the Benetook
Veterinary Clinic.

If both clinics are closed, and you have a veterinary Emergency, please call our Emergency after hours number in Mildura
After Hours: 0455 855 400

Robinvale Veterinary Clinic

The Benetook Veterinary Clinic has a branch practice in the small township of Robinvale.
Robinvale has a population of about 3000 people, and is approximately 100kms south-east from
Mildura, and upstream along the Murray River.

Location: Robinvale Veterinary Clinic - 57 Ronald Street, Robinvale, VIC 3549
Phone: Robinvale - 03 5026 1984 or via the Benetook Veterinary Clinic - 03 5022 2455
Opening Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays only: 9:30am - 1:00pm
Consulting Hours : Tuesdays and Thursdays only: 10:00am - 1:00pm

All consultations are by appointment. If the Robinvale Veterinary Clinic is closed, appointments can
be made by phoning the Reception at the Benetook Veterinary Clinic 03 5022 2455

The Robinvale Veterinary Clinic is staffed by a veterinarian who travels from Mildura in the
morning, and returns to Mildura after finishing consultations, surgeries and large animal calls.
A veterinary nurse is employed at this clinic to assist our veterinarian.
Anaesthesia can be performed, and maintained with a gaseous inhalation anaesthetic machine
that also has patient monitoring. Fluid therapy can be instigated.
There is an operating theatre, and separate waiting room, reception and single consulting room.
There is also day hospital cages for up to eight animals, and an outside exercise area for the dogs.
Our computer system allows for live data access to all the records between the two practices.
Payment of accounts is required on the day of service. Cash, cheque and EFTPOS payments are

All routine consultations can be performed in Robinvale. Vaccinations, microchipping, parasite
control and revisits after surgery or medical treatment are commonly seen. Please phone for an

Medication: If prescribed, medications and special diets can be taken to the Robinvale Veterinary
Clinic from Mildura for pick up by our Robinvale clients. There is no extra charge for this service.
Please arrange this prior to us leaving Mildura.

Large Animal Out Calls: To enable us to bring appropriate equipment, these calls are to be
arranged before we leave Mildura.

Transport Service to and from Mildura: This may be available for small dogs and cats that can fit
into small transport cages. There is charge for this service.

Referral to the Benetook Veterinary Clinic:
This occurs when the clinic in Robinvale is closed.
Referral also occurs for those cases requiring radiology and ultrasound imaging and blood testing.
Medical and surgical cases that need to stay overnight are referred to BVC, for example the elderly
or overweight patients, and pets undergoing more complex surgical procedures, such as fracture
repair or cancer surgery.

After Hours: The 24 hour emergency service is run from our main practice in Mildura. The phone
number for emergencies is 0455 855 400. Clients will need to come to Mildura for this service.

Wildlife and Exotics

Exotics Wildlife and Others
The Benetook Veterinary Clinic is a true mixed practice with a vast variety of species seen. Some wax and wane in numbers through the cycle of popularity, others are emerging industries.
-    Bee Keeping
-    Aquaculture - Murray Cod, Perch and Barramundi
-    Worm Farms
Pocket Pets
-    Guinea pigs, rats, mice
-    Rabbits
-    Ferrets, though perhaps not a pocket pet
-    Snakes, lizards, bearded dragons, goannas, terrapins, and Murray Long Necked Turtles
Production birds
-    Poultry, ostriches and emus
-    Native birds of all varieties, such as parrots, owls, birds of prey, frogmouths
-    Kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, bilbies, micro bats, possums
Large animal species
-    Cattle, sheep, goats, milking and feral, alpacas, donkeys, deer, camels
-    There are no cattle dairy farms in our area
Visiting Circus Animals
-    Parks
-    Sanctuaries

Our work with this great variety of animals is species specific. Smaller species come to our hospital for disease investigation and surgery. Larger species require on farm visits and surgery. All of the diagnostic tools and equipment that we use with dogs, cats and horses are shared with all our other animals. Desexing of pocket pets is our most common surgical intervention. Rearing of orphan kangaroos, the mothers having been killed on the roads, is frequent. Pelicans enjoy fish hooks and sinkers. Worming and parasite control is necessary in most species, and dental disease from malocclusion in rabbits often requires ongoing maintenance. The list is endless.

Wildlife work is generally pro bono, and we work closely with the Sunraysia Wildlife Carers Group for rehabilitation and release.